Wednesday, November 18, 2020

BIG Countdown



It's coming....................

Time to start counting down the days......................

to LOL day!!  (gotcha!  bet you thought I was gonna say countdown to Christmas!)

I did a quick check this morning - it seems I have been participating in LOL days since 2011 !!  (had a couple of years off somewhere in the middle - but still....)

For those of you new to this concept........... LOL stands for...

Love          Our           Lurkers 

Lurkers are not as ominous as it sounds - Lurkers are folks who pop by the blogs - read and quietly slip away.  You have a day all to yourself (well 2 days actually)  - LOL day - to honour you and to try and encourage you to leave a little comment - even just a "HI" ... you do not need to come fully out of the shadows - you can post anonymously.

This Friday and Saturday are LOL days....... mark your calendars ......... and come out and say "HI" on your special day !!!

Thanks to Hermione for once again organising this event - and she will be posting a list of all blogs participating on Friday so you can wander around and read new blogs :)


  1. I'll be there with bells on!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Morningstar, always enjoy LOL day :)


  3. Thank you for the shoutout. See you on the other side!



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