Wednesday, November 04, 2020



I am stunned this morning..... I honestly believed that Biden would win the election hands down...........

Here's some sympathetic memes for my American friends (mostly tongue in cheek)







  1. I think you get it. I'm wanting for my emotional support Canadian. I sure can use one!

  2. I know! What's the matter with Americans? McConnell and Graham re-elected?

    However, I console myself by thinking that the blue wave will come when they count all the main-ins. Democracy might still prevail over the autocrat.


  3. Hey there, MorningStar. Thank you for this post! Hugs, Windy

  4. Love these Morningstar. Dumbfounded that it is so close doesn't cover it. Fingers crossed!


  5. I too am dumbfounded that hate and ignorance came out in droves to vote. I don't understand how guns and abortion issues can seemingly steer an election. I cannot tell you how many Facebook memes I have seen this year referring to Biden simply as ' Baby Killer's and that :He's going to take our guns away ' (as if). Yet nothing on the disgusting comments, out and out support if rasism bullying,mockery behaviour Trump has shown? He is the least presidential President.

    For those who call him a straight shooter and the every man's president ( snort) get a grip, it's the highest office in the country and once the world . You should want someone farore intelligent than you running your country! Lol


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