Thursday, April 30, 2020


Sir Steve contacted the family court hot line with the hope that we could get a temporary change of visitation for the lil one (we have guardianship and custody)....... guess what?? We don't have grounds... that's right - possibly exposing your child to a deadly virus is not grounds for intervention... because ya know during this stressful period children need both parents in their lives more than ever.  We can't even keep her here with us for the quarantine period !

Sir Steve however MUST quarantine himself (well me too) for 14 days - so he can't go into work........ but that's ok.. that's acceptable.  THEY have been going out to the bank and shopping because the rules don't apply to them! 

I don't handle stupid well......... it makes me angry 


  1. I feel so much for you Morningstar. I am speechless, really?? I just can't understand it. Here, having contacted authorities I'm pretty sure they would be all over the mother and family. In fact, I know they would.

    Hang in there. Sending huge (((hugs))) and positive vibes.


  2. I am so sorry Morningstar. I have no words, only hugs and love from a distance.


  3. Sometimes the law makes it really hard to keep functioning with common sense...... The idiot mother will screw up bigger sooner or later. That is the track she seems to be on. I do pray that your little one always stays safe and that you and Sir Steve do, too.

    On a side note, I sent you the carrot email a couple of days ago. I know you're stressed, so I don't expect you to respond. But, if you did NOT get it, can you please email me and let me know when you're feeling up to it. Windy

  4. Problem is that there is so many stupid people in charge now, that seem to want to make the world a wonderful place for all the other stupids out there.



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