Thursday, April 09, 2020

Guilty Pleasures

Do you have a guilty food pleasure? Something you crave that you know is NOT good for you...... For a lot of folks that guilty pleasure is chocolate.  I know it's Sir Steve's guilty pleasure!!

I do not particularly like chocolate.  Ya I know I am weird!!  I have a sweet tooth yes -- but my real guilty pleasure is fried food. 

A couple of months ago we were shopping at Costco (very large box store) and had just picked up their frozen french fries.  I cook them in the oven but it's not the same ya know?? At that time a store employee suggested I buy an 'air fryer' - saying he couldn't live without his.

I've been rolling it around in my head -- to buy one or not to buy one.  What if they weren't as good as advertised - waste of money........... What size do I get?  too small waste of money and time........ to buy or not to buy.

Well I finally broke down and ordered one on line from another of our big stores.  It was on sale which made the expenditure a little easier to swallow.  

Our 'air fryer' arrived yesterday. I will admit it was bigger than I expected (why I HATE shopping on line!  I like to see what I am buying / touch it/ play with it)  BUT I also rationalized that it would be good for bigger meals.

The lil one and I were so excited!!  We changed the dinner menu to french fries and chicken fingers.

It wasn't very difficult to work - though the temperature gauge is in celsius (GAH!) thank god for Google

I did the fries first - and then the chicken fingers......... 

I can confidently say we all agreed the air fryer gets 5 STARS!  The meal was amazing... almost as good as restaurant food with fewer calories and lower cholesterol.  This may be my new favourite kitchen gadget! 

AND there are so many web sites with recipes for air fryers....... I can't wait to start experimenting!

Life is good when you can have 'guilty pleasures'


  1. Morningstar,

    Well, first off, ARE YOU NUTS???? Not chocolate? that is plain WEIRD!!! almost as weird as liking cheese cake (YUCK!) HAHAHAHA!!

    I have been playing around with getting an air fryer for years but haven't because I don't know anyone with one and what if it were horrible?

    so now, I have something to think on because I "know" someone who has one and she says it is good.

    Now, back to that chocolate!

  2. My daughter got one and loves it! I've held out because my kitchen is the size of a small napkin and I just don't have room for anything else on my counter or in my cabinets. She also likes her instant pot. I've always said I'd do fine with a vending machine and a trash can for a kitchen. You do make it sound appealing. I may borrow her for a while and see if it's worth it for us.

  3. Oh yum, I'm hungry now. I have too many guilty pleasures when it comes to food lol. Fries and chocolate being two of them.

    You scored well with the air frier and I'm glad you found it a success, I should look into getting one. Happy frying :)


  4. I have had mine for about 3 is amazing!!! Now about not liking chocolate...send it to me!!!...(I can tell Master it is all your fault!! hugs abby

  5. don't worry, i'm not a huge fan of chocolate either. I like chocolate flavoured things - like cake, mocha, mousse, wafer things with chocolate praline.. but not actual chocolate bars.

    And yes. Fried food Omg! Anything tastes better fried. Try coating some oreos with batter and frying them. I'm not sure you can do it in an air fryer tho. but if you manage it, that'll be awesome!

  6. We have a T-fal Actifry and I love it! French fries in 30 minutes from scratch. Not at all greasy because you use only 1 tbsp of oil.

    I love our Instant pot too, although the food cooks quickly but it's a long wait while the pressure builds up, then at the otehr end when the pressure comes down. But soups, stews, chilis and potroasts are all heavenly and so delicious.



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