Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Almost Like Normal

The lil one and I had a busy busy day....... and so much laughter!!  

Many criticized me for planning on doing 'home schooling' with her... but ya know -- it may be 7 months before she goes back to school... does anyone realize how lazy their brains will get without any direction?? Anyway........... I have a loose plan for activities -- our home schooling will not resemble my class room routine..... we'll just kinda go with the flow ya know?

So yesterday she wrote in her journal...... and we started working on multiplication... I had found a really cute video on Youtube that involved an animated pencil (that she loved!!) I think we spent close to an hour on multiplication -- and she kept saying how much fun it was!!!  

                         using math manipulatives to master multiplication

I promised to start teaching her how to cook - including using the stove!!  Yesterday was day 1 of cooking class - she made scrambled eggs for lunch. 

The sun was out  (thank god! I am SO tired of the rain) so later in the afternoon we went outside and did some sidewalk art - with inspirational messages.

Sir Steve contacted mother and told her that the lil one would like to continue with the normal schedule Monday to Friday - Friday to Monday.  Mother said 'well if that's what she wants.......' AND then seemed relieved that she wouldn't have to do any school work.  YAY!!   

And we finished off our day making Pouding Chomeur -- loosely translated means 'unemployed man's pudding'.  I explained how this dessert originated during the depression in Quebec...... nothing like throwing in a little history right?? (grinning) 

It was delicious - though very very sweet!!! 

Life is good when our day starts to feel normal.......... 


  1. Hi Morningstar, wow, I just love the day you and the lil one had. Sounds like a fun day with lots of activities to keep both her body and mind active. Who said learning can't be fun :) love the chalk work :)

    Wonderful too that Mom seems to be onboard wth her being with you Monday to Friday.


  2. When I was a kid, we emigrated to Montreal (I was around 5). Until I was into my early teens (and on my own several summers after that), my eldest sister and I (both of us born in Ireland)- went "Home" every summer while my mum held the fort here in Canada with my two younger sisters who were born within 2 years of our emigrating. We stayed half the summer with my mum's eldest sister Eileen and my beloved Uncle Jerry (the other half with my cousins in Ballytore on a farm). My gaga (grandfather) lived with them and was a venerable old gentleman, a well known journalist then retired. He would have "work" for us every morning. "Sums" (math)- some history, a little English- all of which he would go over and correct. All in all it was less than a hour's work and he would give each of us a shilling and send us off the corner store once completed. We didn't mind at all. Did us absolutely ZERO harm, we actually enjoyed the challenge and sought to make our Gaga proud! You're a great mum and teacher Morningstar!

  3. Oh my Morningstar!

    That sounds so fun! Math is so amazing, we are constantly in it here and baking is the best way to learn basic fractions. I don't know if you have seen the video of multiplication using your fingers, but if she has trouble, you tube and and check it out. It is an interesting "new" way.

    Now, I think I might need to email you for that dessert recipe. We make a Danish depression area meal that my kid loves called verenhka. Think perogies but with fruit. Oh so yummy!!

    I wonder what "normal" will look like when this is over!


  4. Happy Mother has agreed. Yes children will need some home schooling. They are saying the same here in the UK, could be September before they go back to school. I hated math art school and still do:) Love the chalk work. Fun day.


  5. Sounds like the lil one and I are about even on cooking skills now. I'd like a receipt for the pudding though. Maybe if she could help make it I have a shot. Have fun with the homeschooling of all kinds.

  6. That sounds very productive! I got tired just reading about it.

    The inspirational sidewalk art made me smile!

  7. Loved your homeschooling day, and the great thing is she was learning so much with all your love and attention!


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