Thursday, April 23, 2020

Conquering Frustration

GAH!! what a week of frustrations -- AND it's only Thursday!

It started with problems with our internet service... the speeds have been intermittent and we often lose all connections.  Our provider has been working on it -- they have checked and double checked everything in the house and announced the problem was not in our house BUT 'out there' somewhere....... they would work on it.  (le sigh)
So we have been limping along........... 

Then I made the mistake of commenting on a post on FB by our provider about what wonderful service they had............  and that was the start of a whole new set of frustrations....... They told me I needed a new modem (you did notice that I said they declared no problems in our house right??!!)  So they mailed me a new modem and I had to install it...... and then call the office to have it activated.  The installation was a breeze - the phone call to activate not so much.  

The first attempt at calling resulted in my sitting on hold for 20 minutes and then having my call dropped.  Call back to be told there is an hour wait... so I elected to have them call me back.  An hour later some dipstick did indeed call me back.  He didn't listen to me telling him I just needed him to activate the modem.. he insisted I do a factory reset and call back in an hour.  GAH!!!

I called back in 30 minutes and selected a call back cause there was still an hour wait.  Finally got the call back from a knowledgeable tech who activated our modem in less than 5 minutes!!  YAY!!  

Now we had to get all the computers synced to the new modem........... and the printer.

I tried to sync the printer yesterday after an hour I gave up....... nothing worked!

Sir Steve - who always has success syncing the printer - worked for about an hour last night with NO success.  I was so frustrated I was seriously thinking of just buying a new printer.

(I NEED my f**ing printer for all this home schooling I'm doing!!)

 BUT I am stubborn............. really really stubborn!  AND I was not going to let some bloody printer beat me!!  (and can I say ' I am bloody angry at our service provider for this screw up - cause the new modem hasn't made one iota of a difference in our speed problem!!)  So this morning I dragged my laptop into the 'office' and hooked the printer up again by cable........ and decided to update the printer drivers.  Somewhere along the way of installing ...... the program asked me if I wanted to set up the wireless connection manually OR did I want the program to set it up.

DUH!!!  of course I wanted the program to set up the wireless!!!

A whole lot of whirring and whizzing and it was done!!!  I tested it and the printer is now talking to my laptop........ YAY!!!  

Life is good when you can overcome frustrations and fix the problem!


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Oh gosh, how frustrating indeed! That would have tipped me over the edge. Good for you not giving up and yay on the success :)


  2. I wish I had your tenacity Morningstar. I probably would have thrown something and done a lot of swearing. Sigh.

    I am glad the printer is working even if the internet isn't the best right now.


  3. I can my computer when it's working - but when something doesn't work as it should my frustration knows no bound. I just don't know what to try. Thankfully, for Christmas my daughter gave me a certificate saying I could call her of tech support anytime. And boy I've used it! Usually she can help.

  4. Gosh I really hate it when the wireless systems fail and my printer won't listen to the lappy.

    To get around the frustration of dealing with the wireless connection continually dropping I gave up and decided to just connect with the cable.

    I decided the convenience of wireless printing wasn't worth the constant frustration.

    Glad your printer is at least co-operating now.

    And that run around with the internet company and fone calls sound about as annoying as my bank adventures.


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