Thursday, April 02, 2020

At Home

Yesterday I had the lil one on an educational web site - I loved it!!  She read a book about spiders and then there was an activity that challenged her to create a spider from her imagination and draw it.  

We did a little work on 'good citizenship'...... I had to define citizenship... she's not the only one learning -- I am discovering there are words she doesn't know.... like citizenship and honesty..... and we started a 'dictionary' where she is writing down words that she can't spell for future reference

We played a game of Scrabble -- it was slow....... very slow and I got a headache... but she loved it!!

We made tuna fish salad for sandwiches for lunch... AND... we uploaded pictures of her work to her teacher's FB page......and to finish off the day she rode her bike up and down our street for about an hour.

She announced at bedtime that she was TIRED!!  so I guess my being exhausted by supper time is to be expected .........

On another note..... 
Sir Steve is quiet..... he says he's ok -- but I can feel something is off... It's probably a combination of things..... the Bells Palsy is bugging him - especially his eye (which doesn't close fully) ..... he worries (I know he does) about going out into the world every day to work and the risk he runs of bringing this bug home despite the precautions he takes.

Some good news -- the drugstore finally got my Ventolin in and sent one pump off to me yesterday afternoon......... my blood pressure meds are still back ordered but they have sent me a generic version for 10 days - they have contacted my doctor to get a different prescription

We are more nervous now as we have our first confirmed case here in our small town... .and many test results still to come in.  We know someone who has been told she has been exposed and that she must quarantine herself for 14 days. 


  1. Wow Morningstar! Wanna come teach my kid too? HAHA!

    I am glad you got your Ventolin. Nothing more scary than being without that or low on that or other meds. You are the second person to tell me that their blood pressure meds were on backorder. Sigh. Thanks idiot down south for telling Americans to come buy their medications up here where it is cheaper (insert bad words here).

    Stay safe and tell Sir Steve thanks for all he does. It is appreciated.

    Hugs and love

  2. I'm sensing the same thing from Nick - they're men and supposed to DO something when they feel their loved one are challenged. Just the fact that they, like us have to hang on and ride it out may be getting to them. I hope the stress soon goes away for us all.

  3. Deena3:21 pm

    You rocked the teacher/mama thing and so glad you got the medicine needed!

    Sensing the same from my husband who is also still out working. Honestly, this is beyond stressful for about a zillion reasons, not the least of which is that we do not have any idea when it will end.
    Hang in there!

  4. Hi Morningstar, you rock at home schooling! I just love the activities you and lil one are doing and it's great that you are both learning:) glad the drug store is on top of your meds.

    Poor Sir Steve, I'm sure the Bells Palsy is bugging him and hope the symptoms abate soon. I'm sure too he is worried about going to work and potentially bringing anything home.



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