Tuesday, April 07, 2020

In My World.......

The sun is shining this morning in my lil corner of the world..... and it feels so very good!!

The other day Spankedhortic answered a comment of mine and suggested it would be a good idea for us all to occasionally post an update for our countries...so that we in blog land have a first hand impression of what's going on around the world. 

So that's what I am doing today -- April 7 2020 in my world.......

Besides waking to sunshine this morning we awoke to some tentative good news..

British Columbia has seen a 'flattening of the curve' for the last 5 days!!  Their infection rate is below their heal rate.  It's tentative and the medical people are warning that no one can let their guard down - especially with the holiday weekend looming......... but it's a tiny ray of hope that this social distancing is working.

On the negative side -- we have a large number of grocery stores in Quebec reporting workers who have tested positive... now that's a scary thought -- the people who handle our food - clean the stores and stock the shelves have received a positive test result.  Apparently the stores are doing their best to notify clients.  In St Lambert -- they have two Metro stores and both of them have had staff test positive..... worrisome in that it is a small town ... and I would guess a large number of folks shop in one of those stores.

The police are cracking down on folks who aren't social distancing...... someone I know of in this area moved last week -- and apparently yesterday had folks over to her new home....... someone called the police who showed up and told her to shut down the house warming.......... they told her she could be fined $1700 ...... I am glad to see the police are staying on top of social distancing......it is our only hope in my opinion.

Most of our stores are closed -- but there are some still open - like Walmart.  The stores are only allowing a limited number of people into the stores at any one time... the line ups outside are marked by tape on the ground to try and keep the 2meters distancing.  Apparently a fist fight broke out on Friday at our local Walmart... in the line up outside.  There was another incident of a customer becoming angry at a security guard outside another Walmart (can't remember where this one was) and the customer got in their car and drove right into the security guard.  He is in intensive care at a hospital.  All I could think was 'REALLY???!!!  What the hell is happening to people!!! '  

Another note on the closed stores - what they are doing is allowing you to order online - choose a pick up time and then they have curbside pick up.  Brilliant idea because as much as social distancing is necessary so is every day life... like dog food and garden supplies and yeah even purchasing a barbecue -- we always move to the country come May -- and we barbecue every night -- IF we have to stay in the city all summer I am going to miss barbecued dinners...... so we're looking at buying a small portable one for the city.

Another thing Sir Steve and I have noticed is the quietness.......... the birds seem to sing louder.... there are no airplanes in the skies over head ... hardly any cars on the roads/highways.... no ships to speak of going down the St. Lawrence... only freight trains on the rails.

AND - the world is healing........ I have read a number of articles about the ozone level and other changes ongoing --  I found THIS one very interesting.... it kind of ties in to our noticing how quiet the world has become........ 

And that's it for our world April 7 2020


  1. Just to let you know, there are NO Metro stores in Saint-Lambert (btw there are TWO Saint-Lambert's in Quebec, yes there is an IGA store that has an employee that got it back in MARCH when Canada didn't know how to deal/learning ( like they still don't ie: public wearing masks btw have you got yours, mine is on order ).

    This is a VERY scary time to be on Earth while this virus is still around ( personally I think it will be for months if not for a year )..

    Just wanted to correct the facts knowing you always like things correct.

  2. Morningstar,

    OMG! That was your Walmart! I read that in the paper and thought OMG! WTH is wrong with people! My heart breaks for that family and humanity.

    I love that you posted about your corner. It is reassuring. I am actually going to send you an email more about BC.

    But yes, I agree, I think we have seen a cautious good result. Someone told me that our infection rate has stayed steady at about 1500 for Canada. I can't find those numbers to ensure it is true, but it makes me happy.

    I am often wondering how much the world will change with this? Being so focused on family, will we learn that we have everything we need? I hope so. Our "little" town here has a FB page where things are posted as a need and as a community we come together to give what is required. It has been like that for years, but in this time, it is even more true. It is beautiful to see.

    Enjoy the birds and the quiet.

  3. Sir - my mistake -- it was IGA
    the address was Victoria St St Lambert
    the employee tested positive and their last day of work was March 31st... that is not in the 'didn't know what they were dealing with' time

    The other store was on Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Blvd in St. Lambert.

    As for masks -- I honestly don't see the purpose ... and as I am totally self isolating - been 4 weeks since I went out... I don't intend to get one.

  4. Thanks for the update from your area.

    We has a bit of good news today. For the first time since the outbreak hit Belgium there was a reduction of people needing ICU beds. Only by a number of 4 but I'll take that over another increase any day.


  5. Hi Morningstar,

    Thank you for sharing the news from your corner of the world. It is reassuring to see some positive results. Here too we are starting to see the results of our strict lockdown.

    It is great to be able to hear nature rather than traffic, although there appears to be quite a steady flow of traffic at the moment as I write.



  6. staying ahead of the curve sounds fantastic. we had a grocery store here announce one staff member tested positive... and right now they've closed it and cleaned it and re opened it with NEW STAFF all thru the store. THe previous roster have all been put on home leave to quarantine themselves in case any of them develop symptoms.

    We've passed a new bill allowing people to get ARRESTED and either fined or thrown in jail. I'm not kidding. I think it was passed to serve as a deterrent more than anything.

    Just today's news - an older man got violent with the cops when they told him that he couldn't hang around the food shop to eat his take-away packet of food. Apparently he was standing near the tables and eating his lunch there, even tho the police had told him he couldn't hang around there.

    Poor dude. They HAVE made very clear tho, that no one is allowed to eat or drink there, and that food establishments would remain open ONLY for takeout.

  7. Here in the US we have horrible hot spots like NY and Louisiana that seem to be flattening the curve every so slightly. In my little county we have 11 confirmed cases. But we are social distancing like crazy. So far no reports of fights at our Wal-Mart but people are getting to the breaking point.


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