Friday, April 10, 2020


AND....... it's Easter

Some of you have commented on my home schooling posts that there is more to education than book learning.... I always smiled.. and thought if you could see what goes on around here!!!

We have built tents in the lil one's bed room... I have dragged her bike out on sunny days and she has gone riding (on our street only) while I shivered on the front balcony...she is learning to cook - made scrambled eggs all by herself one day... we have baked cookies and she has read the recipe to me... we have cleaned the house together and she learned how to scrub the bathroom sink and bathtub and to mop the floors.... the poor dog has stepped in and become her playmate.... 

This week we have been getting ready for Easter.  She is going to her mother's today till Monday....... we will celebrate our Easter with her when she gets home on Monday.
This week in between the school lessons.... she has made an Easter bunny - learning how to measure ................. (we didn't have any pastel coloured paper around so did our best with what we had)

We made Easter cinnamon buns for Good Friday Breakfast with 'daddy'.........

She boiled up some eggs ready to dye today..............

She made an Easter Bunny book mark.............

Today will be a dye the eggs day....... and that's about it... then we will take a 3 day Easter break .......... 

Life is good when you can find some fun in each day....

(and oh my god!!!  I just realized looking at the pictures - it looks as though she wore the same clothes ALL week - NOT TRUE!!  she has 3 outfits that are nearly identical - a tunic top - a dress and a sweater....... she decided to wear them all this week ... GAH!!  I promise ... despite the pandemic - we all wear fresh clothes every day!!)

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  1. Hi Morningstar, wow, you and lil one have been busy and it sounds like having fun together.

    Learning definitely doesn't all come from books. It's so wonderful she is learning cooking and other skills and how genius incorporating reading and a fun activity like baking by getting her to read the recipe. Of course that also includes maths with measuring ingredients etc. She is so lucky to have you.

    The cinnamon buns look amazing. I'm drooling lol.

    Happy Easter:)



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