Monday, April 06, 2020

Quiet Weekend

Right???  quiet is good isn't it??? (le sigh)

I have been in total social isolation for 4 weeks now... not going out at all !  well except to sit on the front deck when the weather cooperates.   Now truthfully my not going out isn't all that different from pre-covid19 days... EXCEPT in those days I could run out to pick up stuff I needed without thinking........ And on the weekends Sir Steve and I always found something to do - messages to run -- and most weekends we would eat at least one meal out.

This weekend we kinda binge watched movies on Netflix and there were some action movies yesterday on the TV........ 
BUT Saturday Sir Steve suggested we take advantage of a special being offered by our favourite special occasion restaurant......It was offering a special price on a selected Table D'Hote for two.

I had Shrimp Monterosa Pasta with garlic bread

Sir Steve picked Chicken Alfredo with garlic bread

We both ordered sugar pie for dessert.........OMG trust me when I say this is the VERY best sugar pie EVER!!  It's not gritty like most sugar pies... but creamy smooth.

Oh and we had Rose's spring rolls as a starter -- only I forgot to take a picture ....

We happened to have a half bottle of wine in the fridge and that just added a 'touch of class' to our quarantine celebration dinner.

 For those wondering how this worked -- bringing food in -- this restaurant is family run -- we placed our order by phone and they gave us a pick up time...... Sir Steve went over and waited outside till his pick up time....... one customer at a time in the restaurant.  When Sir Steve came home with the food - we put the meals on our plates - took all the bags and containers immediately out to the garbage and washed our hands and counters well before we sat down to eat.  

Life is good even when the weekends are quiet..........


  1. Oh Wow! first off, that looks AMAZING!!!

    Secondly, that is great that the restaurant is still functioning within the confines of the restrictions in place.


  2. Food look great! I don't watch that much TV anymore and I'm usually on line and only listening anyway, but Mollie has been after us to use the Apple TV she got us. And finally I'm learning how. It does open up many possibilities.

  3. Movies and great food, sounds like a wonderful weekend Morningstar! It's great for the restaurant that they are able to continue. They can't do that here under our current restrictions. Before we moved to the highest level of restrictions here they were able to continue providing takeaway and delivery only, but not now.



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