Monday, April 20, 2020

Small Pleasures

We had a weekend of simple pleasures....... 

Last week I called our butcher shop and asked if they would take a phone order - prepare it and freeze it - and we would pick it up on Saturday.  They said 'absolutely'. There was something reassuring to give them a huge meat order and to know they had everything and that it would all be prepared and ready for us to pick up.

the best part was ....our butcher is out in the country - about 45 minutes from here.  Usually the drive up there is an inconvenience -- time spent in the car that we would rather spend doing something else....... but these days --  a drive in the country in the sunshine was sheer joy!

When we got home..... settling in for the rest of the weekend -- I looked out the front window and WOW!!!! there was my son in law getting out of the car.  I almost couldn't believe it -- thought my eyes were deceiving me....BUT NO... my son in law and daughter were standing outside our home!!!  They had brought some gorgeous pink tulips and a 'loot' bag filled with lil pleasures - a gingerbread boy cookie for the lil one ... a HUGE chocolate bar ... a red belt for me...  

We had a short visit - them on the sidewalk, Sir Steve and I on our deck...... it felt a bit weird ... how I wanted to run down the steps and hug them both... BUT it most definitely brightened up our weekend!! 

And then on Friday night I had this brain wave....this light bulb moment!

The lil one is so enthusiastic about this home schooling that I am always trying to find new activities for her to do.... and I had this brain wave... a memory of a lesson I used when I was teaching.... a way to make geography/social studies fun and exciting...... A Trip Around The World!

Of course I have no resource material hanging around -- I've been retired from teaching for more than a few years....... but Google is my friend!!!  I spent the entire weekend hunting down printable sheets .... ideas ... videos... recipes..... 

I now have about 10 countries ready for us to visit.  I even have a mini passport for her to fill in/colour and ready to stamp for every country we 'visit' !! I have a world map that she can colour in as we make our way around the world.  I have crafts and flags from each country.  I can't wait for the lil one to come home today - so I can share this new adventure with her!

Life is good when small pleasures bring joy to your life!


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, what a fantastic weekend! Sounds like everything came together nicely. How great your butcher was able to supply and how wonderful of your daughter and son in law to visit and bring treats. It's a shame we can't be close with loved ones right now.

    I absolutely love the trip around the world activities you have planned for the lil one. She will love it!


  2. Wow, MorningStar, I loved hearing about your future trip around the world with your little one this week. She will be thrilled! I din't know you were a teacher.....making sense why you're so good with her!

    How wonderful you got to see your kids and that they surprised you. Yay! And a nice drive to the butcher shop on top. All good things! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Windy

  3. Oh sure, be productive over the weekend Morningstar! HAHA. All I did was work (which I shouldn't complain about since I still have work, although less than before).

    I love how much you are enjoying making school fun. I wish I could drop by my dad's but he is 5 hours from me, so that just isn't feasible. Sigh.

    Oh well, this won't last forever.


  4. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! From butchers to family, folks trying to make one another happy. I love your world tour idea and I know she will too.


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