Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Our Celebration

Well the lil one came home after lunch yesterday and we were all ready to have our Easter Celebration with her.

Sir Steve had bought her some walkie talkies - originally we thought they would come in so handy this summer in the country -- it would allow her to bike further and I could still get in touch with her -- of course that isn't looking possible now BUT she was delighted with them!!  She left one with her father and took one to her bedroom -- she had great fun buzzing us to chat !! (like every 10 minutes!)

We had some trouble with her staying focused at school - socializing instead of working... I had given her a cheap bracelet that I had and told her that the bracelet was me sitting with her in class.  BUT it was a cheap bracelet and broke ...... so I bought her a bracelet that says 'she believed she could so she did' - that was a HUGE hit.

And then the Easter bunny made a scavenger hunt for her........ 10 hints/riddles to lead her around the house to find her basket of chocolate.  What fun she had solving the riddles and her dad and I had as much fun watching her scoot around the house finally finding " Rub a Dub Dub your loots in the tub "!!

I decided to make an Easter Egg cake -- but didn't have a cake mix -- so I made the cake from scratch!!  Wow imagine !  a cake from scratch!!  Sir Steve and I couldn't get over how much better it was than cake mix cakes....... guess who's only make cake from scratch from now on 

AND back in the fall lamb went on sale... and I bought a leg of lamb.  What a treat to have it for Easter!!!  

We missed our families...... a lot!   BUT we weren't alone ... everyone had an Easter without family /friends -- next year right??!!!


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, that sounds like such a wonderful celebration and magical for the lil one. You put so much effort in to make in fun for her. She is a lucky girl. The cake looks awesome!


  2. It sounds like your Easter celebrations was very nice. I loved walkie-talkies as a kid! That was way before cell phones I to me, nothing was cooler.

    I've never made a cake from scratch, I wouldn't know where to begin. But you make it sound delicious and I do love cake. I might just try.

  3. Hey Morningstar,

    I miss the egg hunt with little ones. Our Easter was very quiet. Sigh. I miss my family.

    And cakes from scratch are the BEST! We have NEVER had a box cake. My grandma taught me when I was about lil one's age or a bit younger (we always backed with Grandma). My now bigger one has been baking cakes since she was little! YUMMY! Just had one in fact to celebrate two birthdays here.

    Glad you are staying safe


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