Tuesday, April 21, 2020

So Very Sad

We had a massive shooting in Nova Scotia on the weekend.  Some guy killed 18 people.  I watched the news yesterday morning and it was like something inside me just broke ya know?  

It just all felt too much.

It was a sad day.
It was a day of tears.
It was a day of pain.

Hopefully today will be better.


  1. Such a sad day, I just cannot fathom why people do such things. Thoughts and prayers to all those involved and their families.


  2. I cried on Sunday and was in constant touch with friends I have on the east coast to ensure they were all well. I haven't been able to read more than the bare minimum of information because it upsets me too much.


  3. Boo - do you think our reactions are a combination of emotions - overflow of emotions we're dealing with daily right now?? I mean I am always moved by shootings like this -- even when they happen in other parts of the world...... BUT this time my reaction is over the top ......

    I think I am dealing ... keeping it together -- then this happens and I wonder how well I am actually doing - ya know?

  4. I'm so very sorry. That's really all I know to say. I'm crying with you.

  5. Deena3:23 pm

    Sad and difficult times. My heart breaks for all. May their memories be for a blessing.

  6. What does anyone think that they are achieving by committing such atrocities.


  7. I have not had the news on all weekend. How horrible this is! I'm sorry you are going though this...... I remember thinking to myself just last week that hopefully there wouldn't be any mass shootings during this time of shut down and being together in the same house with family. I thought maybe somehow that might help those who are struggling mentally. Geeze, I guess not. It's especially awful on top of this virus and time of uncertainty. That is a good song to listen to for peace of mind. Hang in there. Hugs, Windy

  8. Oh so horrid!

    I really can't imagine why anyone would do anything like that. And especially now that the whole world is already upside down with the quarantines. Not that any other time it would be better... but you know.. we already have one crisis to deal with... let's just NOT create more right?


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