Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Struggle is Real

We have had struggles over the last couple of weeks with the lil one's weight.... again.
(for those of you who don't know or have forgotten - we started a struggle a year ago to bring her weight down because we were worried - as was the doctor - she would develop diabetes)  With us the lil one eats healthy and exercises and she loses about 1/2 pound a week.  She comes back from 3 days with her mother and has put on the 1/2 pound and often more.  (like after Easter she put on - believe it or not - 1 pound!)

Sir Steve spent almost an hour talking with the mother on Monday turns out the lil one pretty much helps herself to snacks whenever she wants them - even right before meal time!!  Mother claims she can't stop her cause if she tries the lil one 'throws a hissy fit' !  REALLY??!!!

Turns out the lil one's bed is NEVER made cause it's too much work to take all the stuffies off !! and when I say she has LOADS of stuffies on the bed I am not exaggerating!! The observation has been made - by people in the know - that there are so many stuffies there's really no room for the lil one to sleep.
 (and the sheets aren't washed)

The lil one doesn't want to do school work and 'throws hissy fits' -- and mother lets the school work go..........

I have noticed the lil one's hair (which is long - hanging below her waist) always looks and feels dirty when she comes back to us......... but the lil one tells us she has a shower and hair washed every Sunday night.  We discovered mother is using body wash to wash her hair??!!!!

Some people honestly shouldn't be parents ........... god help us all - I have seen too many kids who were being dragged up by parents who should never have had children....... never did I think in my wildest dreams that I would be co-parenting one of those lil kiddies.  It can be such a helpless feeling..... especially when the courts stick to the 50/50 custody is best for the child............ le sigh. 


  1. Sucks doesn't it? Best thing I can say is in a few years, she will be old enough to say what she ACTUALLY wants and hopefully two things will come from that: First, the courts will listen and second, that she will choose you and Sir Steve.


  2. I feel for you Morningstar. Co-parenting has got to be hard, two houses with different rules, routines and expectations etc.


  3. Gosh sounds like a nightmare. Shampoo is meant for hair. Body soap is meant for skin. It's not rocket science... Sigh.

    And unwashed sheets just sound gross to me. Poor thing. You, I mean.


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