Friday, April 17, 2020


 I have had a list (in my head) of necessary items we need to stay healthy and fed and reasonably happy.  The most important item on that list was medications...... my blood pressure meds.. my ventolin... Sir Steve's meds.  I managed to get one pump a week ago YAY!  Yesterday my drugstore managed to get me a month's worth of blood pressure meds - not the generic pills but the brand name.... which means the cost was nearly 3 times higher - but ya know what?  I have my pills and that's what's really important!

Food shortages are manageable - even the fruit issue we had has been solved.  Sir Steve ran into our local grocer the other night and managed to score some apples and oranges.  (I have to add here -- I am so touched by how people are coming together to help each other.  Last night selkie who visits here and lives about an hour down the highway from us - offered to pick up a box of fresh fruit and veggies for us from - believe it or not  - a dairy near her.  She offered to run it down to us and leave it on the front porch!!  I can tell you - her offer made me tear up!!) 

 And then this morning (cause I am feeling hopeful) I thought maybe - just maybe - the government will loosen restrictions on country cottages and campgrounds.  I mean our campsite could support social distancing - IF they didn't allow weekenders in - only seasonal campers.  We could each live on our sites -- in our glamping trailors and easily social distance ourselves.  This morning I was thinking we could put a couple of lawn chairs at the bottom of the deck for visitors - we could sit on the deck - and everyone would be more than 2 meters apart and safe.

The pool wouldn't need to be open -- all the lil ones could run under hoses like we used to do when I was young.... we could grow veggies in our gardens ...we could enjoy our campfires... I could even continue home schooling from there - well at least till the end of June!!

I don't need a lot ya know -- I am enough of an introvert that I am not struggling too much with being in the house....... BUT I would like a change of scenery ..... scenery involving lots of trees and nature 

Life is good when hope reigns supreme........ 


  1. Morningstar,

    I heard that too which is great for you! I am happy. and how sweet of selkie to do that for you. I love seeing humanity come together.

    Which is needed right now, feeling low not seeing my family, so the little things make all the difference.

    Stay safe

  2. I love this positive post Morningstar, it's important to have hope. Glad you were able to sort the medications, that's important and how lovely of Selkie to offer to deliver fresh fruit. Fingers crossed on the campground.



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