Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Morning........

Yup believe it or not it's Monday -- again........ and for those of you who've lost track -- it's April 27th - 4 days until May 1st.

You can thank me for that Public Service Message (cheeky grin)

Our weekend was stressful -- well for me anyway.  Only as my stress goes I didn't know I was stressed until it was done........... (le sigh)

First a little back story.......
we shop at Costco - a big box store - for bulk groceries.  We hadn't been since mid February and honestly had no plans to go anytime soon.  BUT we also buy our cheap cigs at smoke shops when we do our 'Costco' run and Sir Steve was completely out and I was almost out.  

Soooooooooooooo time to start thinking about a run to Costco........ our usual Costco is in Quebec but we have been told the borders between Ontario and Quebec are closed........... so the next closest Costco with a nearby smoke shop is Kingston.

I was mentally preparing myself....... it was ok to do this cause.......
Kingston had (from what I could see) flattened their curve......... 
we were doing essential shopping (ok ok cigs may not be all that essential but for us it is!!)

But still I worried ........ and stressed.... and my anxiety levels started creeping up..

We left here Saturday morning bright and early ........ we saw exactly 2 cop cars (my big fear was we would be stopped) ... Sir Steve had researched and found out that the rest stops (Onroutes) were open ... as were the bathrooms.  We drove along an almost empty highway (except for the big trucks) with the music playing enjoying (almost) the normal-ness of it all.

We got to our smoke shop and sanitized our hands and bought 2+ months worth of cigs....... and turned around and headed off to Costco.  We were surprised we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get into the store....... we flew through and got all the supplies we needed and were out and back on the road in just over an hour!!

Arrived home safe and sound........... 

BUT then it hit me.. the stress.
Saturday night I didn't sleep well....... nightmares haunted me...
Sunday my head just wasn't in a good place.. I had knots in my stomach and low grade headache... I didn't want to talk.... I really just wanted to curl into the fetal position.

Last night we watched Stronger Together/Tous Ensemble - 90 minutes of music and words of hope from Canadian Entertainers..... it brought tears but yeah a sense of hope too......... we can get through this!!  we will make it through to the other side!  We are indeed " Team Canada" 

Today it's Monday and I am feeling calmer again.

Life is good when a new day brings new hope.


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Glad the shopping trip was a success. I'm sorry you were stressed, I can understand the trip making you anxious and am glad you are feeling better.

    I have had a stressful few days trying to get set up to work from home but the computer is now all set up and connected and I have trawled through the thousand emails I have missed and am now ready. The next hurdle is going through online training as I will be starting a different job related to our covid response. I have no idea yet what this involves.


  2. Smoking causes vitamin depletion, especially Vitamin C. Please take more vit C if possible especially during the covid time.

  3. Sorry it was stressful, but doesn't it feel good to have all those supplies tucked away? I hope by the time you need to go again you will feel much more relaxed about the trip.

  4. Hey there you are doing great! I wake up every morning stressed...lots of what ifs....but I lie there and breathe and try to think logically, then I turn to M...He is great about...not necessarily totally calming least not all parts of me ...but assuring me that this too shall pass....Hang in there my friend...and thanks for giving me some reading to do every day...hugs abby


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