Monday, March 11, 2019


About a month ago we had the hole in our living room ceiling...... if you missed that fun blog entry you can read it HERE........... 

A month later the living room wall still hadn't been painted (because of a screw up with paint colours) The landlord finally told us to go pick paint colours and get it done.... (oh he said he would do the painting BUT I wanted it done before the summer ya know)  So we went and picked out a brown (called pottery wheel -- looks sorta/kinda like cafe au lait) for the living room and we picked a soft grey for the hallway and kitchen.  

I had pointed out to Sir Steve the house hadn't been painted in over 5 years.... it was a generic paint colour AND the whole house was the same colour (boringgggg !)  Sir Steve told the landlord we were gonna paint the entire house -- and put a back splash up in the kitchen.  I half expected the landlord to say 'no' instead he told us to give him the bills and he would cover the cost.  WOW !

Sir Steve said on Friday night he would paint on Saturday -- he planned to get the living room, the hallway and the kitchen done over the weekend -- and with any luck he'd get the back splash installed in the kitchen.  

Saturday saw Sir Steve painting the living room ...... then we took a break and went out for lunch and to pick up the back splash.  A while back we had been at the shop and I had spied a back splash of glass tiles that were a mix of greys and black and one bit that had a brown stoney looking tile that I swore would match the kitchen counters.  We found them again -- and purchased enough to do our kitchen.  I couldn't wait to get them home and put them up against the counter ...... would it be as good a match as I thought??? 

It was perfect!!

Saturday night we went out for dinner at a new Cafe Bistro ..... had a delightful (if rather expensive) dinner .. came home and crashed.  

Sunday I was sure Sir Steve would be done...... he had done a lot of work on Saturday.  BUT he got up and got going and finished painting the kitchen (a lot of work in the kitchen -- moving fridges and stoves and china cabinets -- cutting around all the cupboards.  We did a quick run to pick up soft white light bulbs because Sir Steve didn't like the harsh lighting we had ....... it distorted the new colours.  (talk about attention to detail!!)  But when we got home Sir Steve was done!  done like dinner!  We pulled the kitchen together and he kept moaning and whining about how sore the muscles in his ass were...... said it had been too long since he had done any renovations/painting and was out of shape.

I was just SO sympathetic ya know?!  Every chance I got I would poke his ass muscles -- or knead them -- or slap them.... then giggle and tell him it was pay back time........ for all those times he had left my ass bruised and all those times he would test the extent of the bruising for days .... slapping it.. or poking it....... 
Seemed pay back was fair (sweet angelic smile)

The back splash didn't get done --  but Sir Steve promised that he will get to it tonight when he gets home from work.   AND the bathroom is next on the list to paint and redecorate -- my job is to find something (shelves I think) to replace the ugly white bamboo cabinet over the toilet. 

You know -- there are many definitions of 'love' ..... but the one that means the most to me is not diamonds or flowers or expensive gifts....... it's saying you will do something and getting it done !!!  It's understanding my love of redecorating and - in this case - making this house truly 'ours' and honouring that desire.



  1. Sounds like a great start to a Spring reno, Morningstar! ... and those of us who have partners who can do those types of things are certainly blessed ... enjoy your new colours ... and as soon as the weather changes ... your new coat! ... nj

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, what a productive weekend you had!Must be such a good feeling:) Glad you two had some time out together in the midst of the work also. LoL at Sir Steve having a sore ass lol, you had to take advantage of that!


  3. the backsplash looks great! i think it matches the rug in the living room, in the 'before' shot from your post a few days ago as well....

  4. You have both had a busy weekend. I like the look of your backslash. Makes me want to start doing some decorating myself.



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