Wednesday, March 06, 2019


When my girls were little they used to say that 'Mom' had two sets of menus...... the winter one and the summer one.  And they were right...... winter meals involved hardy meals -- meat and potatoe types of meals -- summer meals involved a barbecue and salads mostly.

When I was living on my own I didn't have the two different menus -- I just kinda ate what I felt like ...... as the spirit moved me sort of thing.  Now I am back to making family dinners I am back to the two menus............

AND dear god !!  I am so bored with winter dinners!!  I am stuck.  I swear if I make another curry chicken... or meatloaf... or sausage dinner or even a pasta casserole I will implode.  

I  think it came to a head this weekend.  Mother Nature was teasing us with lots of sunshine and almost warm temps (well it was kinda / sorta above freezing) and Sir Steve and I went for a drive in the country.  We stopped at this restaurant that we had read excellent reviews on for lunch.  I ordered their hamburger......... on a pretzel bun.  I took one bite and thought I had died and gone to heaven........ It had been cooked over an open flame and tasted just like summer!   It made me wistfully dream of camping and fires and barbecues and wine in the sunshine.

Monday it snowed a bit -- yesterday it snowed more.  and it was winter COLD again.

Tonite we are having sausage and pasta for dinner (combining two winter meals into one ... le sigh... I am so stuck)

Anyone else fed up with winter dinners?  Any suggestions how to break the monotony??


On an entirely different topic......... 

I want to thank the folks who sent me private messages asking if I was ok because there hadn't been a blog for over a week.  Even Sir Steve commented on how I hadn't posted since February...... geez louise!!  saying it that way made it sound like FOREVER when it had actually only been a week (grinning)  me thinks he likes knowing what's going on in my screwy head.

I guess I felt like there was nothing much to say........ winter blahs me thinks....... I'll try to be more regular again...... so no one worries :)

Life is indeed very good when I am missed.


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    You definitely were missed. I had been wondering about you and was glad to see you post yesterday.

    Sounds like a case of winter blues. Hang in there! I seem to have a summer and winter menu too.


  2. So glad to see you here.

    I hate winter, I hate the cold. We were teased with some lovely warm sunny days last week and now back to windy rain and cold.

    Start planing those summer menus, summer's just around the corner.



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