Saturday, March 09, 2019

Making it "Ours"

Sir Steve promised (after the mess of the ceiling leaks) that we would start redecorating the house.

We've decided on colours for every room in the house........ the paint for the living room and hallway and kitchen has been purchased......... 

Today Sir Steve is starting in the living room

 here's the 'before' shot

Colour me happy and excited........... 


  1. Yeah for Spring (or almost Spring) makeovers ... enjoy your you and SS spring break time, Morningstar! ... and I totally get the happy dance of your last post. It is hard to go back to parenting when yours is long time done and done. It is a sacrifice the lil one will appreciate many years down the road. ... nj

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    How wonderful, making it your own. Enjoy the results and your spring break time together:)



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