Monday, March 18, 2019

Life is Good

I was taking stock this morning of the week off I had....... what an amazing week it was!!  I might just get almost a week's worth of blogs out of last week (grinning) writer's block is gone.

This entry is more a moment in time of feelings ............ 

Feeling his hand on my neck -- tightening -- feeling his breath on my cheek as his hand tightens..... feeling my body go limp with need/want........ 

Feeling his hands flip me over .... feeling him thrusting into me -- feeling him stretching me -- feeling him grow -- feeling the pulse -- the throbbing .... feeling his hands on my hips..... feeling the intensity .... hearing him ... yes hearing him is the best -- the very best !!

And after -- feeling safe and grounded wrapped up in his arms -- feeling his heart beat -- feeling loved -- feeling fulfilled 
I want this feeling to last forever -- the world gone -- just the two of us -- naked -- lying wrapped together in love.

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  1. Awesome Morningstar! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful week and that you and Sir Steve have spent quality time together:)



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