Saturday, March 16, 2019

SO excited

We have a 'ritual' around here on Fridays.  Every Friday Sir Steve brings home Tim Hortons coffee (french vanilla for me) and an apple fritter.  Dinner is always late... we just kinda veg out.  At some point I always ask....... 'what's on the agenda for this weekend' and Sir Steve will lay out what plans - if any - he has.

Yesterday was no different.  Yummy french vanilla and an apple fritter (who counts calories on Friday?!)  and my asking 'what's on the agenda for the weekend'.

Sir Steve told me he planned to store his tools away .... and..........

paint the bathroom !!  

I got so excited I think I was actually bouncing up and down.


it got even better.  Sir Steve said he wants to change out the vanity...... and that means a quick trip to our Nation's Capital to pickup the one he wants. 

Life is good when your man wants to redecorate as much as you do !


  1. You didn't have to mention it after all lol. Awesome!


  2. ... and here I thought you were going to say 'put his tools away and take out his toy bag' ... you can tell where my mind is at ... hahaha! ... happy vanity shopping in the big O (grinning) ... nj


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