Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Renos (part 2)

About 9 days ago Sir Steve started the renos on the house.... I talked about it HERE....I was so impressed .... the living room /hallway and kitchen were painted in one weekend..... the following week - after work - Sir Steve worked at installing the back splash in the kitchen.......... 

I LOVED the final results.............

The only room left (on the schedule of renos this time around) was the bathroom.  Sir Steve set out to get it done last weekend.

One of the decisions he made was to change out the vanity..... I was happy at the thought of the bathroom getting a fresh coat of paint -- BUT a vanity too??!!  

We have a wee tiny bathroom -- and it came with a wee tiny vanity........ Sir Steve wanted a bigger one........ with some decent storage space...... he found one on line with a sliding door rather than the conventional door -- which usually meant banging our knees.  Unfortunately it wasn't available here -- but was available in our Nation's Capital... which is why we had a road trip on Saturday.

Sunday saw Sir Steve up bright and early painting........ and then after lunch he installed the new vanity -- and actually fixed the ongoing plumbing issue (like the hot water came out of the cold water tap and vice versa -- big sigh)

By dinner time we were hanging the towel racks and adding some personal touches and it was done!!!  AND I was in love -- with my man and the bathroom!!  Sir Steve (despite being exhausted from all the work) gathered up all his tools and ladders and paint tins and got everything put away so the house was ours again!!  neat and tidy and sparkling clean....... 



Life is good when the house becomes 'ours'.... and love shines through.


  1. We are lucky women, Morninstar, to have men who are willing and able to do house reno type projects ... it isn't so in all households - some folks have neither the interest or the skillsets. I have friends (men and women) who have to get contractors for any work they want done and that, as you also know from your landlord's efforts, can be painful! Glad your holiday renos turned out so great! ... nj

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    It looks fantastic:) I'm so glad you were able to make the place your own. Well done to Sir Steve. I'm with NJ, you are lucky to be able to do the renos yourselves rather than having to get in contractors.


  3. Morningstar,

    Looks great. Lucky girl. Could you send your Sir Steve over to ours:)



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