Friday, March 29, 2019

Restart Button

The lil one and I have had a really rough month...... We took away TV... we took away using my computer... and her attitude towards me did not improve.  She treated me with disdain mostly.  I was feeling at a loss -  a total loss.  I have never had a 6 year old who was as stubborn ........ the whole situation was coming to a head.  There is only so much I can 
handle ...........

On Monday night I brought her home from the bus after a weekend at Mother's....... and the attitude was bad.  When Sir Steve came home I put the dinner in the oven and went to our room and closed the door.  I did not eat with them. I did not come out till after she had gone to bed.  I was licking my wounds ........ 

Then the other morning I said she didn't have to wear her winter hat (she could pull her hood up if necessary) I asked her to throw her mitts in her school bag just in case..... she looked at me...... opened the door and went out........ leaving the mitts on the shelf........ at the bus I kissed her and said goodbye and she didn't acknowledge me... I nearly blew it!!!

(I have to add here -- I had a chat with eldest daughter this week -- on a day I was feeling my lowest ... most useless... really ready to give up.  She said to me 'you've never had a kid get the best of you "MrsW" - no kid ever broke you no matter how hard they tried".  That rolled around in my head...... and helped me realize that even though I don't have any 'standing' in the lil one's life - not mother - not aunt - not grandma - not teacher - just the 'outsider'  I could still take a stand)

So yesterday when I brought the lil one home from the bus...... I laid it on the line.  I asked her if she wanted me gone from the house....... she looked shocked and mumbled 'no'.  I told her she had been treating me very badly and I had let her.  BUT I was strong -- stronger than she was - and after all the years working with children I had never given up on any child!  I was NOT going to give up on her !

This morning I told her I thought it would be a good idea while she was at her mother's this weekend if she found the 'reset' button and pushed it.  We'll see what happens when she comes home on Monday........


On a much brighter happier note......... Sir Steve got his 3rd raise in less than a year that he has been with this company.  In January they gave him a big promotion into the office doing design work...... and now another raise.  To say I am proud of him is almost an understatement.... He is shooting for the stars and succeeding!!! 

Life is still good even when there are bumps in the road.


  1. It is not an easy road you are own..I am sure you know that. That lil one needs you...even if right now she sees you as a threat?? or an intruder?? or who knows what. Keep breathing..and when you need it find a way to take a break...hugs abby

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    I'm so sorry things with the lil one have been so difficult. As Abby said, it's not easy and I admire you taking on a young child. Try to breathe and take time for you.

    Congratulations to Sir Steve on the pay rise!


  3. First yay! on the good news re SS ... re your 'battles' with the lil one ... like Roz and Abby said, hang in there. I think your daughter gave you wise advice ... I hope it all gets a little easier as time goes on. ... nj ... xx

  4. gratz on the promotion and pay raise! It sounds like this company is working out well for him :)

    Children can be the meanest people on earth. but i'm sure you'll be able to get through. Your daughter really knew how to push the right reset button for you!


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