Thursday, March 21, 2019

1st Day of Spring

Yesterday - first day of spring - actually dawned sunny and the temps were close to spring like (CLOSE  -- but not really!)

I decided to take the day .... and my camera ....... and go exploring.  I have been here for 2 years and have not taken one day to go explore and shoot photos.  Back when I first retired I took photography classes at the local college.  I loved them !!!  We learned not to rely on photo editing programs ...... and I still believe that.... photo editing can correct a lot of mistakes you make -- it can turn your photo into a work of art that has nothing to do with the reality.

I got dressed in my arty farty photographer clothes ..... packed up my camera and my lenses and headed off.  

I love -- absolutely LOVE - abandoned run down buildings.  Just 2 minutes from our house is an area called the Cotton Mill (obviously many years ago it was a cotton mill) They are starting to 'gentrify'  the area -- turning the weaving warehouse into $400,000+ condos.... and the other buildings are already undergoing change....... so I got in just under the wire.

Enough chatter........ here are some of the pics I took....

Old and New

Just Old

wandering around the buildings -- I turned a corner and this made me jump... and then laugh....... it's an old water heater that someone gussied up.......... 

and then I moved on around the city...........  and took some nature shots...

 before I headed home I took this shot of a museum the lil one and I visited the first summer I was here...........

Life is good when I have my camera and a free day ...........


  1. Life is indeed good when you are behind a camera. Great Shots!

  2. Yay ... nothing like celebrating the start of spring with something outdoors that you like to do ... nice shots, Morningstar ... I'm sending sunshine wishes your way ... nj

  3. What a wonderful way to kick of spring, taking the day to do something you enjoy. The pics are awesome:) Thank you for sharing them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)



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