Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Success and Failure

I love to cook (don't much like the clean up -- and oh dear god there is always a lot of clean up when I cook -- which is why I am thrilled with the new back splash!)  

For the last couple of weekends or so I have been trying new recipes... This weekend was no exception.  I had found a recipe for cheese danish.  I LOVE cheese danish -- so does Sir Steve.  I had also wanted to (for quite some time now) try my hand at Dim Sum. 

With the Dim Sum in mind -- I had ordered a bamboo steamer which arrived this past week.  Dim Sum was definitely on the menu for the weekend.

Because of the road trip to our Nation's Capital on Saturday both recipes were bumped to Sunday.

While Sir Steve started the painting in the bathroom Sunday morning I started the cheese danish recipe.  It was much easier than I thought!! And instead of making individual danishes -- the recipe suggested using a 9x13 pan.  Around mid morning I suggested Sir Steve take a coffee break....... coffee with cheese danish !

It was declared a BIG success -- it was really yummy and definitely on the 'keeper' list.

Sunday dinner was Dim Sum with homemade won ton soup.  To be honest I didn't like the smell of the bamboo steamer .... it might be my overly sensitive sense of smell (from the withdrawals) I'm not sure.... but I wasn't looking forward to eating the dinner even before it was cooked.

The won ton soup was pretty good -- it had ginger and garlic in it.... and I'm not used to ginger in my won ton soup.  It was ok -- but not exactly my favourite.  Sir Steve on the other hand was gobbling it down smacking his lips 

My timing was pretty damn good -- as we finished up the won ton soup the Dim Sum was ready. 

I enjoyed plating it -- presentation after all is everything right???  

Except when you don't like the taste - ughhhhhh I didn't like it all...... we had shrimp dumplings and barbecue pork buns.  The pork buns were ok but (shuddering) I didn't really like the texture.  Sir Steve enjoyed the pork buns and ate the shrimp dumplings but didn't love them...... I marked the Dim Sum as a failure

I have stored the bamboo steamer away for now...... maybe I will find another use for it... dumplings maybe?? I do make pretty good dumplings -- mainly cause I fry them just before serving to make them crispy.

Life is good when you share the successes and failures.


  1. Frank Is usually chief bottle washer when I cook ... he often swears I use every dish in the kitchen ... lol! .... sorry your dim sum wasn't a success. Maybe you can use the steamer for regular steamed veggies? ... nj

  2. Hi Morningstar, nothing like experimenting in the kitchen :) I too am sorry the dim sum didn't work out, but the danish looks awesome:)



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