Friday, March 15, 2019


Soooooooo last weekend Sir Steve started the redecorating....... he got the living room painted, the hallway painted and the kitchen.  

On Monday he started installing the kitchen back splash.  This kitchen is the first one I have seen without a back splash.  I am a good cook but not a clean cook.  And every time I baked/cooked I would wash the wall down ....... and wash the paint off.  (to say the paint in the house was not the best is an understatement)  We had selected a glass tile that sorta kinda matched the counter tops.  I couldn't wait to see it finished.  Sir Steve was just as determined as I was to see the job finished.  Every evening this week -- he would get home from work and before dinner he'd put in an hour or two working in the kitchen.  

Finally yesterday he put the finishing touches on the back splash and I got my kitchen back.  

OMG!  it looks amazing.............. 

This is the before back splash................

And this is what we have now.............

ummmmmm when do you think I should bring up the redecorating of the bathroom?? 


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    It looks awesome!and makes the kitchen look so different, in a good way :) hmm, I think if were you I would give Sir Steve a bit of a breather before mentioning the bathroom lol


  2. Beautiful! I have seen that tile and I love it.

    Bathroom? I'd leave it a week or two.



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