Monday, March 25, 2019

Vanilla - nothing but vanilla

Sometimes I do wonder if kink has taken an indefinite leave from our lives.  

I miss it ya know -- the whips and floggers and knives and the pain.... and memories are a cruel tease -- remembering the night he beat my ass -- made it pulse with pain -- and then plunged deep into me -- all the while kneading my tender ass........ once - only once cause he doesn't entirely believe in pain and sex together....... despite my hope that it would happen again.......... it hasn't.  And the beatings have become almost non-existent.  

I wonder if time is our enemy -- time and obligations....... or is it familiarity....... 

OR god forbid -- 


Life is good with only vanilla - but it could be even better with a little spontaneous sprinkles of different flavours....... ya know?


  1. Kink has been absent here for quite some time too Morningstar. I thjnk think initially life gets in the way and then we get out of the habit (for want of a better way to put it). I think too each partner becomes unsure if the other wants it.

    We have had the occasional conversation about bringing elements of kink back but how to start is another question.


  2. D. and I had an expression when our kids were small - the mind is willing, but the flesh is exhausted. While your Sir is considerably younger than you or I - nonetheless he's working a full week - then last week, he worked a FULL second shift creating miracles for you (I would bet it was because he knew how distressed you were over the mess and wanted to make you happy)- so it's not surprising the energy to get into a kinky scene was absent - kink is great but it does require energy! D. used to say he went to the gym to keep his arms strong and his energy levels high.

    On a regular basis, you have a little child in the house - and again kink is not particularly "quiet" - so there is that factor as well (as indeed it should be - I absoultely do NOT believe in exposing children to any kind of intimacy other than affection and cuddles between the adults in their lives).

    Life has a way of smashing into you and taking the energy out of one - and pretending that it is all about spontaneity is naive ... when we were involved in D/s we learned to plan time for it - weekends away at this wonderful cottage where we lived the life for three to four days of bliss.... but were well aware that once we were back in real life, it had to take the back seat.

    I guess when I read this, I thought well, last week you could have had your kinky week or several days OR you could have had that massive amount of work he accomplished on your behalf! But I would take the reality over the dreams - and seriously plan ahead for a kinky weekend somewhere when the little one is away and your Sir has had a chance to relax and re-energize.


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