Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Just a Joke -- come on !!

The very first gift my grandson opened on Saturday was an onion.  Yes you read that right an onion..... a real live onion.

The look on my grandson's face made me feel sick to my stomach.  The folks involved in this private joke were laughing........he looked from one to another trying to figure out what was funny.

It was explained to him it was just a joke and he kinda smiled and handed his mother the onion.  Then we went on to opening the other gifts.

As is my custom -- I posted the pictures on facebook for family and friends.  I didn't notice that the onion picture was included.  A friend questioned the onion and I made a snarky comment about it being an onion....... the other grandmother got all bent out of shape and commented saying it was just a joke!!!!!  

There must be something really wrong with my sense of humor - ya know...... 'cause when it is an in-joke and the target of the joke looks uncomfortable I see that as a form of bullying.  AND when it is trusted adults in the child's life doing this ....... it just makes me sick.

Maybe I should wrap up a couple of Christmas presents all glittery and nice -- and just plunk some coal inside....... wonder if they would find that funny?!

(ok stepping down and putting my soap box away) 


  1. Anonymous11:41 am

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. What could be the possible significance of an onion? Mean trick and 'just kidding' doesn't make it all better.

    ps congratulations on your cancer free checkup

  2. I do realise this is a cultural thing, but in the Netherlands, Sinterklass (st. Nicholas's holiday, 5th Dec) often involves exactly this kind of thing. the difference is that the children all know that it happens. Real gifts are wrapped to appear like something they're not, or joke gifts are given. I agree with you - its not a joke when the child doesn't get it. Two adults in his life are having a laugh at his expense. And yeah, I agree - it's bullying. I hope the other grandmother wises up to this sooner rather than later. And I think, too, that your grandson is very fortunate that he has a grandmother in you, who does get "it".

  3. ^It is a joke or teasing, when everyone *knows* its a joke or teasing^ Otherwise, its bullying.

    It must have been so uncomfortable to watch this! Urgg.

  4. Yeah, that is absolutely not okay and ridiculous. I'd have kept it reigned in, like you, for the sake of the kid who wasn't trying to be malicious, but I hope it won't happen again in the future!


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