Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wonky Day

Yesterday should have been a joyful day dontcha think?  But it felt a whole lot more like sub drop.  

I guess that's what can happen when you are running on adrenaline for a couple of days and then it just stops........ dead stop.

Everything felt surreal in the morning..... thank god for CG who let me ramble until I was rambled out.  Then I went for a long walk in the misty cold air - hoping it would clear my head.  

Then I drank more coffee....... 

And had a chat with Hands.........

 And finally I felt like I had my head back.

Then (completely forgetting it was Black Friday - did I just say I had my head back?!) I decided to go out to the shops and wander around.  Dear Lord -- if there's one thing I HATE it's crowds..... and there were crowds in spades!!!

I couldn't wait to get back home to the safety and quiet of my lil apartment.  

It was some time around dinner time that I actually realized it was Friday - it felt like Sunday -- AND I realized I was leaving for Montreal today.  UGH!  that got my brain functioning -- wrap birthday presents -- pack a bag -- get organised.  

(and if anyone's interested -- I'll leave a Sunday Sentiment in the queue for you all and should be back posting like normal on Monday)

So yup yesterday was a wonky day....... 

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