Saturday, November 19, 2016

Empty Box

Did you ever think an empty box was a good gift???

I watched a sappy movie last night whose plot was based on an empty box. 

So often -- especially with Christmas coming up -- we think about all the stuff inside the wrapped boxes.  BUT what if the box was empty.......... what if we were supposed to put things INTO the box -- things that are important to us -- things we hold dear to our heart -- wishes and and family and friends.

Would that empty box suddenly be the best gift we ever got? 


  1. Lovely thought. I would be happy with a beautiful box to put special things into. I usually save them after I have removed the contents. Mind you, storage of the boxes themselves can be an issue 😀

  2. Hi -

    My (former) significant other used to often give me empty (yet decorative) boxes as gifts. I never fully appreciated them until recent years. I "get it" now.



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