Thursday, November 03, 2016

Indian Summer

The best spirit lifter is to wake up to Indian Summer.  Yesterday was amazing -- sunny and warm.  

I had a nice chat with CG and made tentative plans to see her today (as long as the Boss has no objections).  Wednesday is cardio day and I have made up my mind to exercise more to handle this weight issue ..... so Indian summer PLUS my goal to work out more EQUALED a trip to a local conservation area.

Usually when I go I don't venture too far in.  I follow the main path and go down to the water.  But yesterday I wanted to explore and put in a whole lot of distance.  I studied the map 

and decided to follow the outside path.

It really was a gorgeous day and despite that most of the leaves are finished it offered a whole lot of opportunity for pictures.

I ambled along and decided to take some secondary pathways -- maybe see things I haven't seen.  The woodland creatures were surprisingly friendly 

This  charming fellow jumped up on the tree stump and I swear posed for me........ 

As I walked further into the conservation small flying things kept swooping around me -- they really made my heart jump -- all I could think was "bats" and yes I know it was illogical as it was a bright sunny day -- but I couldn't figure out what else would be swooping around me and occasionally diving bombing me.

I stopped to try and get pictures of some bright yellow leaves when the swooping creatures gathered around me...... and when I say tame I mean TAME -- they didn't move while I took pictures

I loved walking off the path -- swishing my feet through the fallen leaves smelling the smells of fall.....

I didn't notice where I was going or where I had been... just happily wandering around....... 

Finally after an hour of wandering aimlessly I decided I should think about heading back to the parking lot..... only problem was I was completely turned around -- off the beaten track and had no idea where I was.  I couldn't even see the water that I knew would lead me back to the parking lot.

I'll be perfectly honest -- I have a terrible fear of getting lost (right!  I've told you that before haven't I??) BUT this fear was even worse -- when I am driving I can always pull over and ask directions.  But walking through a conservation area there aren't a whole lot of people hanging around to offer directions.

I started walking - what I hoped was - north and kept slogging along and finally spotted a pathway.........

 From there it was fairly easy to find my way back to the main path and some friendly reassurances from fellow wanderers that I was indeed heading in the right direction.

Climbed in the car -- checked my fitbit and discovered I had just about walked my daily quota of steps and felt pretty damn good about my adventure on an Indian Summer day.


  1. This sounds like a perfect day. Lovely photos of the chickadee and nuthatch!


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