Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm still here I promise!

It's just I seem to have so many thoughts processing right now and I can't sort them out to make any sense.

I want to post something about "privilege" -- being one of the "privileged" ones......... 
I want to post something about mental tension -- sexual tension -- about needs and wants and 'brain fever' -- about masochism and so much more.

But I am scattered and frustrated that I am scattered
so hang on -- I always come out of these vague over stimulated under satisfied states.......... 

and when I do -- the words and thoughts and feelings will flow again.......


  1. Hello, take you time to come up with the post you want. We are all out here waiting. Take care.

    Hugs Lindy x

  2. Hi -

    I can relate to that scattered feeling of wanting to post and write but not being able to sort it out. As Lindy said above, take your time.



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