Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tough Day

Today is a tough day.  It is the day before I go back to the hospital for my cancer test.  After 3 years you'd think it would be easier.  But in 3 years I have never gone a full year without it coming back.  And the worst part really -- I have never had any symptoms.... even 3 years ago when they discovered the first large tumor.

I need to be distracted today -- so I am going up to visit CG and the kids -- and as an added bonus.... Hands will be around as well.  I will spend a few hours with them -- play with the kids -- have lunch -- and for a few hours not have to do the "what if's" 

I feel very blessed to have someone like CG in my life.  She said to me last week -- when we were talking about this test -- that she was sure everything would be fine -- and if it wasn't -- they were right here to pick it up.

And -- if it was clear -- then a celebration was in order with wine.   Here's to a celebration with wine!

I won't post tomorrow -- at least until I get home from the hospital.  Keep a good thought for me ..........

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  1. All the good thoughts, positive vibes and good karma coming your way!


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