Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Have you ever wondered what people do when they are retired for excitement???  Yesterday was a very exciting day for me ..... I ironed my dining room table.  

No I am not losing my mind or going senile -- shame on you all for thinking that!!

The problem with my table is it marks easily.  I put table cloths on it -- hot pads -- anything and everything to protect the finish.

BUT things happen and marks started to appear.  White marks.  I knew they were water marks / heat marks.  I tried every product known to man to remove them with no success.

Now I am retired I have all sorts of time to find a cure for my dining room table.  I googled it and have tried just about everything that it suggested....... except for one...... iron the marks.  

Yesterday as a last resort I brought out the iron.  

This was the first mark I worked on..... 

the instructions said to put the iron on dry -- hot and just iron the marks.  I didn't much like that idea so I put a towel down first.  

After a few minutes of ironing the table I pulled back the towel to see if it was working

I was encouraged so I continued on......... 

And the end result...........

Now I just have to work on all the other spots ......... but I'll save that excitement for another day.  There's only so much excitement I can handle in a day! 

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