Monday, November 07, 2016

Busy Weekend

My busy weekend started on Friday.  I went out to see CG and the kids.  CG and I went off for a lovely lunch and to have some 'girl time'.  It felt like it had been forever since we did that -- and when I was looking in my calendar for something I saw that the last time we had lunch was back in September........ so it had been forever!
We had lots of laughs and teased each other about throwing one another under the bus.

I am definitely not as good at tossing under buses as CG but am working on it....... I am wondering if she actually cleaned the fridge out on Saturday afternoon -- and tossed the "evidence" (so to speak) 

Then Saturday afternoon my girls and their families arrived to celebrate my birthday.  They had told me not to worry about lunch they would bring sandwiches.  

We used to have a family tradition of Chinese food on birthdays -- and I told you about my love of bought birthday cakes with roses....... 

Well wouldn't you know it -- they all arrived together with bags and bags of Chinese food ............. and ........ 
a bought birthday cake complete with roses 

We had a wonderful visit  though it felt too short.

Of course Saturday night we turned the clocks back -- and Sunday was my coping day.  The time change always throws me for a loop......... and just like a kid - I think I was over tired and over stimulated from the visiting so I felt weepy and sorry for myself...... a bit like sub drop in a strange way.

But I am not complaining -- would do it again in flash - it was fun to be so busy and surrounded by my family - both chosen and blood.

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