Tuesday, November 01, 2016


I never liked Halloween -- ever.  I remember the one thing my ex-husband actually used to do for me was take our girls out and I stayed home and doled out the candy.

At school they always made a big thing of it -- but teachers didn't HAVE to dress up... though we were supposed to wear something orange and/or black.  I remember one year I found a button that said "This IS my halloween costume" and I wore that for many years.

Then I changed schools.   When Halloween rolled around my new principal informed me that costumes were mandatory for staff.  Seriously??!!  I was less than happy.  

To say I stewed over it would be an understatement.  I even pointed out to her that she couldn't 'legally' force me to dress up.  She smiled and said she knew that -- but she also knew I WOULD!

So I did.  I decided to dress up as The Cat in the Hat.  I already had the hat - I only needed a red bow tie and some white gloves.  Thank god for dollar stores.  BUT I explained to my kiddies I wanted to play a joke on the principal.  We cut out different coloured paper circles all different sizes.  We must have worked on it for a couple of weeks before Halloween and bless their lil hearts they didn't let it slip.

Early -- very early -- the morning of Halloween I got some of the older kids to help me and we covered my principal's office in "paint splatters" -- they were stuck to her computer -- her windows -- her file cabinets .. well you get the picture.  Apparently she was less than pleased -- but when she saw me doing the Cat in the Hat dance down the hallway with my kiddies in costume following along behind me she had a good laugh. 

I am telling you all this because yesterday on Facebook the "You have memories" coughed up this picture of that year..........and it brought the memories back........


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