Monday, November 21, 2016


After too many weeks of feeling a bit isolated this weekend filled me up to overflowing.

On Saturday I went to a munch and got to visit and catch up with friends after a long absence..... even got to touch base with a couple who were so instrumental in my healing after I left W. And of course I sat with Hands and CG.  There was a fair amount of teasing/joking and "throwing under the bus" (I DO have to learn how to do that better -- I SO owe CG!!)

On Sunday -- despite the ugly snow - Hands came for some private time.  It had been 6 weeks -- and to say I had become desperate is an understatement. I had so many things I needed to talk to him about -- too many -- and some were forgotten ..........  I need to make a list !  Honest!!  Mostly we covered the important stuff -- but there were a couple of things I totally forgot till he had gone.

And I had so many needs to be filled - and they were -- mostly.  

When he was getting ready to leave -- I grinned at him as I pulled my less than sexy flannel pjs out and was putting them on..... He grinned at me and I explained I was done!  I needed to curl up and not move for a few hours.

I cycled through every emotion possible last evening -- starting with missing him before his car had even left the parking lot -- to hurting -- dear god my body hurt -- my muscles screamed -- and then I felt the warm glow of happiness -- and basked in the joy of  knowing how lucky I am to have Hands and CG in my life!

This morning I have some nice bruising -- perfect circular ones (grinning in CG's direction) that I know are caused by the tips of his fingers.  I definitely have 'no poke' zones -- but best of all I have a full heart.

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