Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lucky Me

Three years ago I met a woman - someone who had contacted me via my blog (I'll call her J).  At the exact same time I met another woman (I'll call her C) - someone I had   known from Montreal.  I met them both here in Kingston at a munch.  Little did I know, three years ago, that we would become the bestest of friends.  

It was a slow gradual process.  But then last spring when I found out about my tumors - C also found some lumps.  We three decided to have lunch.  We joked that it was our support group.  We met for lunch every month during the rough months.  And then - well then it just developed into a monthly "thing" - lunch with the girls.
I consider myself the luckiest person alive to have found these two women.  It's been a long time since I had a bestest friend....... and somehow I got lucky enough to find two!

AND to top it all off.... we're all just a little twisted (devilish grin)


  1. I am very happy they are you in your life and you all enjoy each other...

    Best friends are always nice to have close by in your life...

    Thank J & C for being there for morningstar..


  2. Ordalie4:20 pm

    Same here: I started commenting on "a little twisted" blog, then it was friendship online and then she settled a few miles from my home and then I got a live real friend and we often see each other. I'm so happy!


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