Tuesday, December 09, 2014

16 Days

We're down to 16 days till Christmas.  I started making lists last night....... lists for food for the 24th - we're having company.... lists for food for the 25th - we're having more company..menu ideas for the 1st - we're having a party.... lists for baking supplies - I have so many treats to make!!.....lists of things left to do - like wrapping gifts.
Anyway........ today I am off to buy some of the baking/cooking supplies - got a new recipe for pizza pull apart bread that I want to make for the 1st and W suggested we should try it first.... just so we don't 'poison' our guests!! 

Oh and to top it all off - I am listening to W fight with Keurig.  We bought the new improved fancy dancy coffee maker.... and it doesn't work.  We are on our second machine - and it's having the exact same issues as the first one.  Ain't life grand!!! 

All that to say 16 days and counting............. 

Here's a picture of the Christmas Trees adorning our mantel....... an arty farty shot cause straight on - typical picture - is boring!!!


  1. A. Lurker2:44 pm

    Hi Morningstar,
    Just popped in to say "Hi". We are in the middle of Christmas madness here, too. I probably shouldn't even be on the net!
    We also have a Kuerig, which my husband hates. My daughter got it last Christmas and it is mainly her and I who use it.

    Hope all is well!

  2. I live in fear that someone will give me Keurig or similar. The thought of all those tiny plastic cups going to the landfill makes my blood boil!

    Who makes just one cup of coffee, anyway? I make a pot, or at least enough for two of us. They are great for the office, but not for a home.



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