Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa Claus

When you have been doing Christmas for as many years as I have - you tend to develop collections.

This year I discovered I have a Christmas tree collection - and a Santa collection.  I never set out to create them.. they just happened.  

One year while I was browsing the florist where W used to work I saw this cute lil European style Santa.  I had to have it.  And over the years I have found different Santa's or sleighs in different stores that called to me............ "buy meeeeee.... buy meeee" and I did.  And then before you know it - when you actually open ALL the Christmas boxes and pull everything out - you discover you have a "collection" (Not a collection like my friend C who has 117 Santas out on display - and not one of my Santas can be a "traditional Santa" but still it is my collection)

Here are my Santas and sleighs..........

 this is my latest addition 2014

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