Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Disaster

We are planning on doing a fair amount of entertaining over the holiday season...... Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day dinner and our annual New Year's Day open house.

After many MANY years of baking/cooking for the holidays - I was looking for some new recipes to add to my repertoire......especially for our New Year's Day bash.  

On Facebook I saw a recipe for pull apart pizza bread...... it looked really yummy........

and I suggested to W that I might make it for the open house. W in all his wisdom suggested I might want to give it a trial run BEFORE the actual party.  In the back of my mind I was thinking what could go wrong... it's sounds simple enough... half dozen ingredients thrown into a Bundt pan cook for 30 - 35 minutes flip out onto a plate - et voila!  pull apart pizza bread with pizza dipping sauce. 

So last night was the big experimentation night.  I stirred everything up in a bowl - greased and greased again my Bundt pan and popped everything in..... threw it in the oven - set the timer and went to watch the evening news while it cooked.

At 30 minutes I pulled it out to test it.. and figured it needed another 5 minutes or so.  I did notice that there was a sloppy ring of icky oil floating around the edge of this pull apart pizza bread...... but I figured I would just drain it before flipping it ........ 

At the 35 minute mark I pulled it out - tested it - figured it was cooked and drained the icky oil off.... ran a knife around the outer edge ..,. flipped the pan over on top of a plate shook slightly ..........



Ran the knife around again... pulling gently to loosen the bread and flipped it again and shook a little harder.  This time I heard a plop ... a splash... and a thud (as some of the greasy bread hit the floor).  I turned the pan over and only about 1/3 of the bread had actually come out of the pan.  I landed up (cursing) spooning the rest of the bread out onto the board...... leaving a goodly amount baked onto the bundt pan.

It looked like this..............

which doesn't even come close to the picture above!!! 

I was still being optimistic - figuring if it tastes good I can figure out a way to make it work by New Year's Day......... and carried to the table.  I pulled my first hunk away from the slop ....

UGH - I hated it..... HATED it !!!  In my opinion there were way too many spices in it... that was about all I could taste........ I had about 3 small hunks and pushed my plate away.  It was disgusting!  

My guests are safe.... no pizza pull apart bread for them!!  I will stick to the tried and true - pigs in a blanket - sausage rolls - meatballs - dips ........ all the usuals.


  1. I saw this and saved it on FB also.It looked so good.

    Now I'll dump it. Thank you :)

  2. Hi morningstar,

    Here is my favourite Savory Monkey Bread recipe. It's delicious, and I have made it several times, with good results. No pepperoni involved, just garlic, parmesan cheese and green onion, but no oil slick either.

  3. thank you Hermoine - sounds much better than the pizza bread :) I'll give it a try


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