Monday, December 29, 2014


What an amazing Christmas Sir and I had!!  oh it was a bit quiet  - no kids or grandkids - but we had good friends over both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so there was a lot of laughter and good conversation.

I was a very spoiled subbie - besides my new fancy dancy camera - I did get a photo editing program.  The picture above is one editing project I managed to do...... (this photo editing is a whole lot more difficult since I used Print Magic or some such program eons ago!)  Are you curious to see what picture I edited to create the above?? It was a still life I did for the photo challenges.............

Yesterday was Sir's birthday - so I got up bright and early (well I always get up bright and early) and had his coffee waiting for him..... and then I treated him to a country fry up - hash browns, bacon, peppers, onions and scrambled eggs all mixed up together...served with cheese bread toasted.  

Then last night I took him out to dinner (method to my madness - that meant I didn't have to cook - cheeky grin)

Today it's back to regular routine for a couple of days - mainly back to the gym.  I gave myself permission to not follow my "healthy eating" routine ...........and am definitely feeling it...... sooooo... back to the gym and my eating routine!


  1. What editing program did you get?...I am still using Picasa to do baby step edits but may grow up to the main game sometime soon.
    But I was very spoilt to get a Sigma 300 - 500 mm lens....I can't wait to get some distance shots with the new toy.

  2. WOW!!! now THAT was a Christmas present Downunder Dom!! I am gonna guess here that you are in terrific physical shape - that lens weighs 12lbs and is 21 inches long??!!! Good god man you will need a caravan to carry it..... (cheeky grin)

    As for my photo editing program - I didn't want the infamous "photoshop" so I researched and went with Corel's Paintshop Pro ... thinking that I could do a lot of point and click editing without actually having to learn anything...... wrong! wrong! wrong! it looks and acts pretty much like photoshop :( I may spend the rest of my retirement trying to work it out.......

    Enjoy your new lens :)

  3. do love that little pic with the little tree...beautiful.


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