Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Did you know???

Yesterday afternoon Sir and I went to see The Imitation Game.  I was expecting a war story - full of codes and spies and what not - you know a typical war movie.

What I got was an education in the history of homosexuality.  

I am not sure the movie makers wanted me to come away with the sense of shock and indignation that I had........... It sure wasn't a happy ending movie - or a feel good movie!

I am not going to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it and intends to... and for those that have no idea what it is about... it is based on the true life story of Alan Turing the man who broke the Enigma code.  

The sub plot (which really became more of the main plot for me) was about Turing being a homosexual.

Did you know that homosexuality (officially called Buggery) was a criminal offense?!
Homosexuality wasn't decriminalized in the UK (where the movie takes place) until 1967!!! In Canada 1968 - and in the States there are still 14 states where it is a criminal offense to commit "buggery" (according to my research) and there are 76 countries, world wide, where it is illegal.

It all just boggles my mind.  It gives me a whole new respect for the homosexual community that "broke the law" to live a life true to themselves.

And where I thought we had come a long way and were fighting for the right of gays to marry - we still have a whole lot of work to do to decriminalize homosexuality.  


  1. Yes I did know homosexuality was a criminal offence and Turing was prosecuted in 52 for homosexuality. I'm looking forward to seeing the film.

    Happy New year and best wishes for a happy 2015.


  2. Amen to that. I have never heard of the movie but I don't really keep up on movies.
    I am glad that I live in California where we are more liberal about the rights for everyone. My brother was officially married this year when the law allowed them to be "officially and legally" married. They have been together for 26 years.
    Thanks for a great post
    Happy New Year!


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