Friday, December 05, 2014

Sugar and Spice

This morning I took one of those silly quizzes that keep making the rounds on Facebook.

The question was "What's Your biggest Weakness?"  turns out mine is "too sweet".  I made a joke about it........ but it keep rolling over in my head.  Of all the stupid quizzes I have taken - this was the one that had an element of truth in it...

I AM too sweet.  I rarely if ever speak my mind.... smooth ruffled feathers that's what I do.. don't rock the boat... keep things calm at all costs....and should I ever dare to voice an opinion - god forbid - then back pedal - apologise - back off!

I guess - stupidly - I thought when I retired I would be able to escape a world where conflict and fights and bad behaviour are common daily occurrences.  Unfortunately I am fast discovering - other than becoming an absolute hermit - I can not avoid the tempests.

When I saw my doctor a week ago - I gave him a list of complaints I had.... health issues I thought.  Turns out they aren't exactly health issues.  It's stress caused issues. 

I have lived my life too long with those rose coloured glasses Buffalo used to tease me about.  It's time to take them off I guess.. to stop trying to be the "good little girl"  full of sugar and spice and all things nice.  

It's time to learn how to grow a tougher skin - to become the tough old bird I try to pretend to be......  Time to find my way in a world that strikes out and hurts - more often than it nurtures and loves..............or tries to understand.

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