Monday, December 08, 2014


Last night I was thinking about "holidailies".  I am not sure if any of you remember or participated in holidailies, but the premise was to post a blog entry every day from Dec 1st to Jan 1st.

I participated for a number of years - back in the days when there was a whole mess of pictures of my red ass or Christmas themed clothes pegs attached to various private parts of my body.  Then one year I realized I was just about the only "adult" blog participating.  Somehow I felt squirrely about my bare ass being displayed on this family orientated happy holiday site even as an adult blog.  So I stopped participating.

Anyway............ last night I was thinking about it again and wondered if it was still running - all these years later.  This morning I went and checked.   Lo and behold it is still running. You can check HERE if you're interested. There are only 65 blogs participating this year and not one "adult" blog!  I backed off the site quietly............ 

Anyway all that to say - what??  I am really not sure (cheeky grin)  My blog could probably be in the competition this year as there isn't a whole lot of red asses around The Journey any more - or clothes pegs on private parts.......... BUT the new look for Christmas here on The Journey definitely makes up for the vanilla postings......... so no holidailies for me.

I did come up with one idea though.  

Instead of boring you all with a huge load of Christmas decoration pics all at once - I thought I might just put up a favourite pic every day.......

Today's submission is dear miss ashes ........ who has decided that the holiday village is a good place to curl up .............. and no amount of coaxing or scolding or yelling will convince her that that is NOT her sunning spot!! 

Doesn't that face just scream "Merry Christmas ho ho ho!"  ??



  1. Ordalie2:02 am

    No problem since she's careful not to knock any house down. Cute little houses, by the way!

  2. That's so sweet! No cat can be convinced to move if she doesn't want to.

    I love miniature houses!



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