Monday, December 15, 2014

Here we go a caroling

I have said this before and will probably say it again many times......... Kingston always has something going on for the general populace.

They have been advertising a "Carol Trolley Ride through historic Kingston".  We decided with some friends to take the 5pm tour on Saturday evening.

It started off well.  We were greeted by a 'Victorian' caroler........

The Trolley was all decked out in Christmas greenery and fairy lights......

I was excited to get started on the 90 minute tour.  We were handed song books with little lights attached for reading.... and the TV screen you can see in the above picture was actually a karaoke machine - to keep us all on the same page so to speak.

At 5pm sharp - we were told we would wait a few minutes for the late comers.  (who ever heard of a tour being held up for late comers??)  and we sat for 15 minutes.  The driver and the "choir master" spoke for a bit explaining what we could expect ....... ummm... a Carol trolley tour doesn't need much explanation in my mind.

Finally we were off - bouncing along dark roads.  It would seem the citizens of Kingston didn't get the memo about decorating their Victorian homes in sparkling Christmas lights and decorations.  But then it would have been very difficult to view the Light extravaganza at the same time we were all peering at either the karaoke screen or the song book trying to keep up with the carols.  Taking pictures of the few decorated houses was impossible as the trolley was (in my humble opinion) trying to set some record for whizzing up and around the tiny narrow streets of what is historic Kingston

The ninety minute tour turned out to be just under 60 minutes.  My feet were frozen - my bum was sore from bouncing along on the wooden benches... and my neck was stiff from straining to see the karaoke machine

All in all it was an excellent idea - an idea that needs a fair amount of work!!

We went out for dinner afterwards and I managed to shoot a couple of shots on the downtown streets of Kingston .........



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