Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Little Christmas Magic

I think I told you folks - but honestly can't remember - I joined a group that offers photographic challenges every two weeks.  The challenge for the next two weeks is Christmas/Seasonal pictures. 

Everyone was posting outside lighting - inside lighting - the usual... in fact pretty much what I was gonna post.  BUT I don't like being a follower (cheeky grin) 

I had a brain wave - well actually two.  

I put some Christmas balls and lights and branches in a tall glass vase ....this was the result...............

And then yesterday while I was finishing off the Christmas baking inspiration hit.  How cool would it be to line up the Christmas Hugs cookies so that the lights of the Christmas tree were in the background (umm hard to explain - easier to show)  

Mission accomplished!!  

And much to my surprise - the leader of this group - who just happens to teach photo-journalism at the University "liked" my contribution!!!

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