Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post Holiday Update

Well the Christmas rush is over for another year.  I have to admit - I have no post Christmas let down this year (well not yet and hopefully not at all).  

It was very different not being with my kids this year..... and as much as I thought I would miss them terribly ..... having good friends around both on Christmas Eve and Christmas day made a huge difference.  In fact the usual stress of Christmas Day never happened. 

Christmas morning Sir and I sat around the tree and opened our gifts and giggled over some of the doubles (don't ask how two people can get/give double gifts!! Don't get me started on THAT subject - cheeky grin)

As we sat around the dinner table on Christmas night............ 

 there was much good natured teasing and laughter and conversation and I didn't feel any stress.  (Of course my youngest did make a post to facebook that I took as snarky and directed at us - and yes my blood did boil a little bit - but I managed to shake it off)  The clean up was easy - many hands make light work :)

Sir gave me a photo editing program for Christmas which occupied my time yesterday - GOD is it a tough one to learn............ but late in the afternoon I had an unexpected message from my niece ...... saying she was in town with her boyfriend and could they drop by. They brought me a sweet little poinsettia plant ........

I was delighted.  It was such a nice surprise to see her..... and made me feel special.  She and boyfriend had some hints on how to learn the software and I am dying to start working on it - maybe today between loads of laundry

And then - much to my surprise - I had a message from a female Domme here in the area with questions about a New Year's eve party we are all going to........ turns out my Sir has been secretly making plans with them to play with me!!  Just like the old days - can you see me grinning??!! 

Maybe things are turning around a bit and 2015 will be a GREAT year!!

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  1. sixofthebest8:17 am

    You have on your BUCKET LIST, 'stop smoking'. This brings back a most enjoyable memory, of when I was a school-boy in England. The headmaster one day caught three teen-age girls SMOKING. Of course this was a NO NO. The next day he assembled the whole school, and brought the three culprits to the front and center, and read them the rules that they had broken. One by one, he had each of these girls bend over a high stool, whereupon he raised their dress up to their waist, then took down their panties, to bare their tender bottoms. Yes, he gave each of these girls, 'six of the best strokes of a cane across their rear ends. Yes, they yelled, yes they cried. As for me I enjoyed every moment of their humiliating agony. So elated was I WATCHING thee girls get CANED, I had to relieve myself SEXUALLY in the boys toilet afterwards.


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