Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas baking

And so it begins - the final push towards Christmas. 

I had marked this week as "baking week"  ... I also realized I have not mailed out my Christmas cards!!!  (dear god in heaven what was I thinking??!!)  So today I will write up the few cards I plan on sending and get them into the mail......... and I think I will wrap up some gifts.

We are going up to Ottawa on Saturday to do a "Santa run" to eldest daughter...and on Monday doing a "Santa run" to Montreal to youngest daughter and the kids....... I was so damn organised until I realized Christmas is NEXT week!!  So besides cards - I think I should wrap up some gifts today.

Then maybe I will get some baking squeezed in..............

Yesterday I made some Scottish shortbread...............

and something called Orgasmic Fudge......... it's layered maple fudge.
 First layer is maple fudge - then you cover it with Caramilk bars

and then add a final layer of maple fudge.  They tell you to work fast as the fudge hardens quickly - they weren't kidding!!!  I couldn't spread the top layer nicely..... and landed up buttering my fingers and pressing it down.  

We sampled it last night - after all - we had to make sure it was edible - wouldn't want to serve guests inedible fudge right??? LOL and it was quite good..........though I think I prefer plain maple fudge - forget the chocolate and caramel.


  1. They sound really yummy.


  2. ronnie - they ARE!!! I have never had much success with fudge - but this worked out amazingly well


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