Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's next??

Well the decorations are all down (though not packed away yet - I HATE crawling into the crawl space to find the boxes and bags - le sigh)

I decided to take my Fetlife account and make it "dormant".  I really have had my fill of the nonsense there.  AND more than had my fill with folks telling me how old I am.  

I don't feel that I fit there - some days I wonder where do I fit??? (retirement adjustment I guess)

Tidying up - sorting out - throwing out - making ready for the new year I guess............


  1. I better be careful I am knot thrown out with all the other stuff around here....


  2. Ordalie9:44 pm

    "more than had my fill with folks telling me how old I am."
    How so? Isn't it like the other blogs where nobody knows your age unless you tell them?

  3. Ordalie - mostly the comments are made in real life - I am sorry I didn't word that better.......

    BUT for your reference - on Fetlife in your profile they ask for your birthdate and then they very nicely post your age .........


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